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巴基斯坦再发7.2级地震 中方欢迎叙利亚化武决议

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    At least 12 people were killed when an earthquake measuring 7.2 on the Richter scale hit Pakistan's southwest Balochistan province on Saturday afternoon.

    The region was hit by a 7.7-magnitude quake on Tuesday, which left some 400 people dead.

    Local media say a dozen others were injured while tens of houses collapsed in Saturday's quake.

    The tremor was also felt in the country's southern Sindh province, causing panic among the people.

    Officials say more than 180 thousand people have been affected by the two earthquakes.

    China has welcomed a UN resolution and a decision by the international chemical weapons watchdog regarding Syria's chemical weapons.

    Foreign Ministry spokesman Qin Gang says China expects the UN resolution to be fully and accurately implemented.

    The UN Security Council voted unanimously on Friday to adopt a resolution aimed at ridding war-torn Syria of chemical weapons.

    Earlier, the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons also agreed on a plan to destroy Syria's stockpile by mid-2014.

    Qin Gang says China would like to send experts to join in related work and offer financial help.




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