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巴西国家博物馆突发大火 200年历史付之一炬

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In the South American nation of Brazil, history has been lost. A fire started Sunday evening at the country's National Museum.

And though firefighters worked throughout the night to try to stop it, you can see from this video while one museum official says very little will be left.

No serious injuries were reported and authorities don't know yet what caused the fire or how many artifacts were destroyed. But observers expect that most of them were probably burned. This building itself is historic. It used to be the home of a Portuguese royal family. It was converted into a museum 200 years ago and since then it's collected 20 million artifacts that date back thousands of years. It houses everything from the oldest human remains ever identified as being from Brazil to the largest meteorite ever found in Brazil. The National Museum is known around the world f?or it's priceless collection and it's research.

And while a Brazilian government official says he wants fire preparedness to be evaluated at every other museum in the country to try to avoid this anywhere else. The nation's President says, the loss of artifacts at the National Museum is insurmountable for Brazil.

Following the Labor Day holiday, as people across America go back to work and school one task ahead of the U.S. Senate is holding confirmation hearings for Judge Brett Kavanaugh. Those start today. Kavanaugh is a U.S. Court of Appeals Judge. He's also President Trump's choice to join the Supreme Court. Judge Kavanaugh would replace Justice Anthony Kennedy who retired from the High Court earlier this year. Presidents can't directly appoint Supreme Court Justices. They have to nominate them and the Senate gives its advice and consent, a phrase from the U.S. Constitution by holding hearings and then voting on whether it approves the President's choice.

Judge Kavanaugh is President Trump's second nominee to the High Court. His first was confirmed in April of last year when Justice Neil Gorsuch completed the process to replace Justice Antonin Scalia who died the year before. There's been a largely partisan fight over whether Judge Kavanaugh should be confirmed to the High Court. Most Republicans appear to support his nomination. Most Democrats appear to oppose it.





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