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    It is time for the call of the roll.

    Here are three of the schools watching CNN STUDENT NEWS today.

    Kemp Junior High School is where you'll find the Yellow Jackets.

    They're watching in The Lone Star State of Texas, in the city of Kemp.

    It makes sense that Big Sky High School would be in big sky country.

    That's Montana.

    And Missoula is where we found The Eagles.

    And in The Centennial State, The Falcons are on our Roll.

    They're soaring over Highlands Ranch High School in Highlands Ranch, Colorado.

    It's a film industry event dating back 87 years.

    MGM studio boss Louis B.Mayer and some of his dinner guests established The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.

    It's the namesake of the Academy Awards.

    You've heard Oscar winners thank the Academy.

    Who is the Academy?

    Who actually determines the end of the sentence, "And the Oscar goes to?"

    The Academy Awards are just about the highest honor a film can get.

    But who decides who goes home with the Oscar gold?

    First, there are some very specific rules to get nominated.

    亚博体育下载地址The film must be more than 40 minutes in length, must be publicly screened at a theater in Los Angeles County and must be screened for a qualifying run of at least seven straight days.

    After that, ballots are sent out and the nominations are whittled down by Academy members.

    Their identities are closely guarded secrets, but here's what we do know.

    There are about 6,000 members, who are mostly white, mostly male and getting up there in age, 62 being about the average.

    To become a member of the Academy, you've got a couple of options.





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