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英国大选在即 威廉王子得女

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    Hey,everyone.Welcome to a new week and its first edition of CNN STUDENT NEWS.It's good to see you.

    First up,we're previewing a big election this week in the United Kingdom.

    It's set for May 7th.

    Voters in England,Northern Ireland,Scotland and Wales will be choosing members of their country's parliament,which is like the U.S.Congress,

    except in the U.K.,the leader of the party that wins the majority in parliament becomes prime minister.

    It's not the only story making headlines in the U.K.though.

    Prince William and Catherine,Duchess of Cambridge,welcomed a baby girl on Saturday.

    The princess' name hasn't been announced yet.

    But the role of Britain's royal family is mostly ceremonial.

    It does not have lawmaking power,like those running in Thursday's parliamentary elections.

    We're here in the U.K.

    We're here to cover what is one of the most unpredictable,exciting,and consequential elections anywhere in the world this year.

    I think it's the most important general election in a generation.

    So,we got David Cameron,he's the prime minister.

    He's the head of the Conservative Party,roughly the equivalent of the Republicans in the U.S.

    But he's seen by many people by as just a little bit too harsh.

    Ed Milliband,leader of the opposition,he's the head of the Labour Party.

    He might be the most left-wing British prime minister for many years,if he's elected.

    His main problem has been trying to prove he's ready to be prime minister.

    亚博体育下载地址 Nicola Sturgeon,who's a rising star of British politics,SNP success,but really get the ball rolling again for another independence referendum in a few years time.

    Well,in British political terms,the world has changed.

    We're really not sure what's going to happen.





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