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    I started first because I think there's a real need to change kids' attitudes about science and technology.

    亚博体育下载地址 First,for inspiration and recognition of science and technology, Dean Kamen started the mentor-based program 25 years ago when he noticed a trend in American kids losing interest in science and technology.

    They all think this is an education crisis and I look at it and said, I don't think so. I think it's a culture crisis.

    If we can take the important aspects of science, technology, engineering, math and put them in the context of a sport,celebrate science and technology, and use sports as a way to change the culture.

    His concept is working.

    Walking into this field felt more like I'm going to a concern or a sporting event.

    This really is the Super Bowl of robotics.

    We think of ourselves as professional athletes.

    Yes, we're not running around, but we're competing with all our hearts.

    Meet Based-God Trap Love, built by the RoboTigers, a robotics team out of Queens, New York.

    When you see it on the field, it's like, did I really create that?

    It's awe-inspiring to see something that you work so hard on actually moving and like doing stuff on the field.

    Yes, that is our brain.

    Each team is given six weeks to build their robots.

    During build season,they work endless hours,coding,building prototypes,developing strategy and it's all put to test in regional competitions.

    After winning the New York City regionals, the RoboTigers made it here-the Robotics Championship in St.Louis, Missouri.





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