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This is AP News Minute.

The candidates were back on the campaign trail Tuesday after squaring off Monday night in their first presidential debate. Hillary Clinton told reporters she was thrilled about the match-up. Donald Trump complained he was given a terrible microphone. The next round takes place October 9th.

A Vermont man who spent a week at sea in a life raft before being rescued by a passing freighter has arrived at a Boston coastguard base. He and his mother set off on a fishing trip September 18th. His mother hasn't been found and is presumed dead.

A Bronx firefighter who responded to a report of a gas leak Tuesday morning was killed in a house explosion shortly after authorities discovered what appeared to be a drug lab. New York's fire commissioner said the 17-year veteran and father of three was a rising star in the department.

At least 300 buildings are threatened by a growing wildfire in California's Santa Cruz Mountains. The blaze 30 miles south of San Jose has destroyed one home and forced hundreds of evacuations.

Kelly Daschle, Associated Press with AP News Minute.




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